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Investment Evaluation – Are Manufactured Homes A Good Investment?

Manufactured housing, also referred to as mobile homes, is a type of prefabricated dwelling that is mostly manufactured in factories and then brought to specified locations for use. The original idea was meant to help people who needed mobility to live more flexible lives. In the 1950s, manufactured housing began to be advertised primarily as a low-cost kind of housing that could be built and left in situ for an extended period of time, if not permanently.

The phrase “manufactured housing” refers to a type of home that is frequently produced in a factory and transported to its final location on its own wheels, despite the fact that many modern homes are built wholly or partially off-site. This legal description refers to homes that are built on a stable chassis that allows for “the initial and ongoing transportability of the home”.

Originally, Are Manufactured Homes a Good resale? Yes! Dwellings were no more than eight feet wide. In the middle of the 1950s, however, a 10-foot model was introduced. The units’ mobility has diminished significantly over time as larger versions have been constructed.

Pros of Manufactured Homes

  1. No construction delays.
  2. Choose your preferred style and design for maximum occupancy.
  3. Lower Price per Unit
  4. High occupancy rates.
  5. Fast installation with energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, as well as acoustics.
  6. Benefits of Low-Risk Construction for Contractors, including customisation options.
  7. Lower prices for luxury
  8. Mobile houses are inexpensive because they are manufactured in factories. Currently, house prices are skyrocketing, making homes and apartments extremely expensive.

Cons of Manufactured Homes

There are genuine drawbacks to anything that has advantages. Before buying in a manufactured home, make sure you understand all of the information, including the downsides.

  1. Availability and Cost of Land
  2. Lender Requirements
  3. Long-term value.
  4. Stigma

Manufactured Homes Can Be A Good Investment – Are Manufactured Homes a Good?

Are Manufactured Homes a Good?

In 2018, there were around 190,000 mobile homes in Canada, with the number expected to reach 200,000 by 2023. Many Canadians purchase old manufactured homes that already have a foundation. There are several similar mobile homes for sale. Mobile houses in Ontario, Canada are currently for sale at prices ranging from C$99,000 (518 sq. ft.) to C$725,000 (1,515 sq. ft.).

Potential mobile homeowners can also buy or lease a lot in a mobile home community, have a foundation built on it, and then purchase a brand new manufactured home from a factory. The makers have nothing to do with the property, so it is the buyer’s job to locate it. 

Manufactured Homes Can Be A Good Investment in Canada If SO,

Whether a manufactured home is a good investment relies on a number of things. Manufactured homes typically have fewer upfront expenses than traditional site-built homes, making them more affordable to some buyers. However, like other automobiles, their value depreciates over time. Do manufactured homes increase in value? Are manufactured homes a good resale in Canada? Not necessarily, however they can be a great investment if you plan on renting it out.

Before purchasing a manufactured house, you may be asking whether the manufactured houses are a good investment in Canada? When built correctly, manufactured homes are of great quality and have a comparable gain in market value to traditional residences. 

Land and location are two elements that determine the value of manufactured homes.

If traditional residences are now out of your price range, owning a manufactured home can be a terrific option. If you are careful during the purchasing process, your manufactured home can increase in value and help you accumulate wealth over time making it a good investment . You may be able to access your equity sooner if you combine your home and land into a single loan.

Are Manufactured Homes a Good Investment in Canada?

In addition to saving money, manufactured homes can also be profitable and have resale due to value appreciation. So yes to the question i-e “Are Manufactured Homes a Good Investment In Canada?” There is a frequent misperception that manufactured homes do not retain value and deteriorate over time. The prefabricated Housing Institute refutes this claim, noting that prefabricated homes appreciate at the same pace as other properties in the neighborhood. The location, age of the home, and overall condition all have an impact on the resale value. As a result, manufactured homes can have a high resale value.

As we previously stated, a manufactured home will always depreciate over time. However, they hold their resale value better than most other types of homes, making them an excellent investment choice. However, you must exercise extreme caution while deciding which one to purchase. If you’re thinking about buying a manufactured home, be sure it’s been well-maintained and has some wear remaining in it so it can add to the resale value of it. You also need to ensure that it was built by a recognised manufacturer, such as Eagle Industries. You don’t want to buy a home that is only a few years old and will probably sell for more than you paid for it. 


So, are manufactured homes a good investment in Canada? Manufactured homes make excellent investments for people searching for a starter or retirement home. They are cheap and provide all of the same facilities as traditional residences. While solid financing is the biggest drawback, the other benefits make manufactured homes worthwhile. 

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