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Condo Rental Market Competitive Analysis and Comparison

Understanding what others are doing in the condo rental market through a Condo Rental Market Competitive Analysis helps landlords and investors make smart decisions. By checking out how much others charge, what features they offer, and how well they’re doing, we can figure out how to make our own rentals stand out. It’s like looking at a map to find the best route through a busy city – we can see where the traffic is and find a way to avoid it. This way, we can make sure our condos are attractive to renters and stay ahead of the competition.

According to Christopher Alexander, president of Re/Max Canada, “the cost of living is out of control in larger centers and even the most affordable housing now carries a pretty substantial sticker price.”

Housing expenses have increased faster than earnings, and inflation is still making it difficult for households to make ends meet. Another problem is taxes, as the City of Toronto plans to enact a municipal land transfer tax that will be significantly more severe starting in January 2024.

Condo Rental Market Competitive Analysis

With a present valuation of around USD 100 billion, the Canada condo rental market as per competitive analysis is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 8% over the course of the projection year. The market is being driven by the growing need for reasonably priced homes. Additionally, first-time purchasers searching for various kinds of houses around the nation are driving the market.

This year, the percentage of condo for Etobicoke sold in the nation’s largest cities grew, a reflection of both the shifting preferences of entry-level purchasers and the reality of the market. In the first eight months of 2022, condo sales decreased in four markets: Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley, Greater Toronto, Ottawa, and Nova Scotia; in contrast, sales increased by double digits in Calgary and Edmonton during the same period in 2021. 

Nearly all markets have seen an increase in condo values year over year; several have been further bolstered by a robust start to 2022 as per Condo Rental Market Growth Analysis.

Affordability is the main problem facing the housing market today. Buying a leasehold property is today more challenging than it has ever been, despite declining property values and cooling market conditions. Rising interest rates gradually reduced purchasing power. 

The cost of having a mortgage vs renting is now more equal for those who modified their expectations with each rate hike, given the steep double-digit increases in the condo rental market as per competitive analysis that have occurred in all of the main markets, especially in BC and Ontario. 

Because of this, even though there were fewer sales in 2022, a larger share of purchases were condo for Etobicoke as purchasers looked for more reasonably priced ways to become homeowners. The majority of large cities had annual increases in condominium prices or steady increases in price. Conditions are generally favorable, so those who have reasonable expectations and are buyers or sellers should be able to achieve their objectives.

For individuals who were motivated and able to act, this equilibrium presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It includes move-up buyers, empty nesters, and first-time purchasers trying to get a foothold in the market. People are seeing it everywhere. 

What is the Chatter Among People?

I guess it’s better late than never to arrive?

This is a quarterly feature on the Toronto Realty Blog, and it’s hard for me to believe that we last went over these figures in the summer, right after Labor Day.

We are currently in the depths of winter.

However, this doesn’t feel much like winter, does it? How much snow have we already shoveled? Twice, perhaps?

Since I don’t think in jinxes, I’m not responsible if it snows this weekend!

In fairness, the warning signs were there last fall, and I don’t want to write about it now and jeopardize the tenants’ sense of relief from the rental market.

Condo Rental Market Forecast & Impacts

The forecast provides insights into the expected trends and changes in the condo rental market, including factors such as pricing fluctuations, demand shifts, and emerging rental patterns. By analyzing this forecast, investors can make informed decisions about property acquisition, pricing strategies, and investment timing. 

Similarly, renters can anticipate potential changes in rental rates, availability of units, and desirable locations. Additionally, the forecast enables policymakers and industry stakeholders to adapt regulations and practices to mitigate any negative impacts on affordability and housing stability. Overall, staying informed about the Condo Rental Market Forecast and its Impacts empowers all stakeholders to navigate the market dynamics effectively.

Lessors Profit from Rising Real Estate Values

While rental rates may rise, consumers are being priced out of owning on a growing scale. The real estate market is about to fix itself. Rental rates are bound to decline as the economy deteriorates and the gap between the flats offered and what consumers can afford grows keeping in view the condo rental market competitive analysis.

Apartments with Two Bedrooms are the Most Common Type

In order to reduce the cost of renting an apartment, many tenants will hunt for a roommate, which makes two-bedroom flats the most popular choice. The most crucial demographic for lessors to target is still young tenants. This group is the most in demand for rentals and is more likely to live in cities.

The Largest Cities Produce The Most Income

For lessors, large buildings with many units generate a substantial amount of cash. The percentage of establishments in Ontario is still rising. As developers take advantage of the strong demand, Ontario’s proportion of rental apartments has increased in condos for Etobicoke.

There is the Most Competition Among Luxury Lessors

Bigger lessors battle it out to offer the most enticing luxury apartments. Amenities give lessors a simple way to compete. Amenities are a major source of competitiveness for renters because they are less expensive to update appliances and provide new services than building projects.

Terms Wise Condo Rental Market Growth Analysis

Sales of condos in Toronto have increased significantly year over year, although the number of new listings has decreased. There are fewer active listings than there were a year ago as a result of the divergence that has occurred between condo sales and listings in condo rental market competitive analysis. 

A factor in affordability is the average selling price of condos has decreased from the prior year. Condo prices are anticipated to rise in the future, nevertheless, as sales rise in proportion to the quantity of listings.

In the second quarter of this year, average rents in the condo rental market have continued to rise faster than inflation. When compared to the prior year, buying a leasehold property than the average rent for a condo apartment with one or two bedrooms has increased significantly. Although there are more condos available for rent, there is still fierce competition among tenants, which drives up average rents. Although the number of new condo rental listings is increasing, there is still a shortage of rental homes that will take some time to fill. To meet the demand in the GTA rental market, purpose-built rental units must be added.


These rent increases are the result of a number of causes, such as a quickly growing population, almost record-low unemployment rates, and people opting to rent instead of owning a property because of high loan rates. 

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