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Are Pre-Construction Condos a Good Investment? Explained!

Are pre-construction condos a good investment? YES! It has grown in popularity in recent years, as investors seek to be ahead of the curve. Buying pre-construction used to be a good investment and a more profitable way to home ownership – buyers received a “discount” for waiting years for a house to be built. But those days are over. Pre-construction condos are no longer the bargains they once were. But if you are still thinking about whether the pre-construction condos are a good investment? Is it good to buy a pre-construction condo? The good thing is that pre-construction condos are a good and sound investment option, whether you want to live in one or not. 

The majority of investors prefer condos in the pre-construction market. Getting in early at the development stage is an intriguing proposition, especially since you may choose the developer and location. So, what should first-time purchasers look for in terms of investing opportunities when condos are in the pre-construction stage? Is it worth buying a pre-construction condo? 

Before We Get To Analyze Whether The Pre-Construction Condos Are Worth It Or Not, Let’s Briefly Explore The Key Definition:

In recent years, many real estate investors have turned to pre-construction condos as a viable choice. These condos are typically sold before construction is completed, so investors may generally get them at a lower price than if they waited until the building was finished. However, like with any investment, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding to invest in a pre-construction condominium.

Next, we need to know what is a Condo?

A condo or townhouse is a home or structure that has been partitioned into many residential units. Following that, each condominium unit in the building is sold to individual investors or owners. Every owner of the condominium complex owns a portion of the land on which the condo was built. There are numerous reasons why Toronto’s condo market is poised for profitability in 2024. Whether you’re searching for a good cash flow property or an equity investment opportunity, it’s well worth a second look and is a good investment to buy a condo. 

What Does It Mean When We Say “Pre-Constructed Condo”?

A pre-construction condo is a new development that has not yet been erected or finished yet. To fund the project, developers often sell all or the bulk of their units before beginning construction. Typically, sales begin four years before the project is expected to be completed.

What You Should Know Before Investing in Pre-Construction Condos

  1. Is it good to buy a pre-construction condo?: As mentioned earlier, pre-construction condos are often sold at a lower price than condos that are already built. This can be attractive to investors who are looking to get a good deal and potentially make a profit when the building is completed, which makes the deal and investment sound good to buy a pre-construction condo. 
  1. It Gives An Edge To Customize: Buying a pre-construction condo allows for customization before completion, making it an advantageous option and good investment. This can include choosing finishes, layouts, and even the site of the structure. This might assist consumers in creating a space that is specific to their wants and interests.
  1. You can sell before the closing: This is how most investors make money. They purchase early and then sell the agreement before possession. This maneuver is known as an assignment sale. Not every project accepts them (and those that do typically place restrictions on them), so it’s important to understand the rules before purchasing. One significant advantage of an assignment sale is that you can capitalize on 3-4 years of gain while avoiding closing costs and land transfer taxes. When the building is finished, the person who owns the unit pays for those costs. You never needed to take out a mortgage.
  1. No mortgage is required until the construction is completed: Unlike a resale, you don’t get a mortgage after you close. Without a mortgage, you don’t have that debt on your books, so you can utilize that “borrowing room” to invest elsewhere.
  1. The Investor Gets To Get The Advantages Of The Present Prices: Investing in a pre-construction condominium in Canada is such a good investment  comparable to investing in stock market futures. As a result, you may purchase at current prices with the assumption that prices will climb in the future. Long-term property values have risen at an average annual rate of 6%. When you engage with an experienced real estate agent and investor, they can assist you choose properties in locations with a higher likelihood of appreciation. Gentrifying communities or locations with new infrastructure, such as Toronto’s new LRT lines, may fall into this category. Because pre-construction condos will not be completed for another 3-5 years, purchasers can take full benefit of purchasing in burgeoning districts.

Challenges in Buying Or Investing in Pre-Constructed Condos

Challenges in Buying Or Investing in Pre-Constructed Condos
  1. Fluctuating Market: Another risk linked with investing in pre-construction condominiums is the possibility of market swings. If the real estate market suffers a downturn, the property’s value may not increase as much as the investor had anticipated. This may make it harder to sell the home at a profit in the future.
  1. Insufficient Understanding: When investing in a pre-construction condo, investors frequently have little knowledge about it. This can make it difficult to determine the potential for appreciation and rental income. Investors may also have inadequate information on the developer, making it impossible to assess construction quality and the project’s likelihood of completion on schedule.
  1. Setbacks & Delays: One of the most significant dangers associated with investing in pre-construction condominiums is the possibility of delays. Construction projects can experience unexpected setbacks, such as permission challenges, labor shortages, or weather-related delays. This can delay the project’s completion date, which can be irritating for investors expecting a return on their investment.
  1. No Revenue: If you need a tenant to meet your monthly expenses right now, you should look into other options. Your 20% deposit will be held until the property is ready to be lived in or rented out, so if you cannot afford it, pre-construction is probably not for you.


To summarize, investing in pre-construction condos might be an excellent alternative for investors hoping to obtain a good bargain and potentially profit after the building is built. However, before making a decision, you should carefully weigh the risks and advantages. Investors should investigate the developer, evaluate the possibility for appreciation and rental income, and plan for potential delays and market swings. Investing in pre-construction condominiums can be a profitable investment option if done properly.

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