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How to Find the Pet-Friendly Condo Amenities?

Owning a pet is a significant responsibility, but living in a condo makes things even more challenging. Pet owners look for various features in a condo in pre construction condos in King City.

This pet-friendly condo amenities guide will lead you through the problems of living in a condo with a dog or any pet, as well as how you can improve the resident experience for pet owners and so for the condo amenities for socializing so that they sign and renew more leases with your property. 

There are numerous excellent reasons to allow pets in condos, rental houses, and condominiums. Pet-friendly condo amenities should include basic pet amenities as well as the condo amenities for families, to socialize and  to make them feel at home.

What Do You Need for a Pet in Pet-Friendly Condo Amenities?

If you want to appeal to pet owners on your property, you must first understand what pets require when living in a pet-friendly condos.

Pets of all sizes require the same fundamental necessities:


Pets of all breeds require regular exercise, bathing, meals, and veterinary care to stay healthy and happy. In a pet-friendly condo with amenities, pet owners will require space to exercise their dogs, bathe them, and store pet-related deliveries. Providing your members with pet-friendly condo amenities will help them care for their pets on a daily basis.


Did you know that little dogs tend to bark or growl at strangers? According to research, they are more prone to be violent because they are terrified of their small stature. When dogs are comfortable, they are less likely to misbehave, so providing dog-friendly amenities will establish a more pleasant environment on your property.

Offering appropriate pet-friendly condo amenities will not only please your residents, but will also limit the danger of property damage.

How Can I Make My Pet Friendly Condo Amenities?

How Can I Make My Pet Friendly Condo Amenities

Do you have your own pet in a condo? If this is the case, there are numerous things you can do to improve the quality of life for your pet by living in a condo with amenities for socializing. As a property manager, you can also consider these tips when deciding how to best serve your pet-owning residents.

There are several ways to improve your pet-friendly condo amenities experience, including:

Make a Schedule (and stick to it)

Pets Enjoy Routine

Your pet may become nervous about when they will be able to go outdoors, so creating a plan for the toilet and play breaks will help them understand what to expect. A consistent schedule will help your pet behave better even when you aren’t present.

Pet-Proof Your Condo

Prepare your dog for success by removing dangerous objects from the premises. Laying out appropriate toys for your dog will prevent them from chewing on shoes, for example. Keep objects that your pet could choke on out of reach or behind a closed door.

Find a condo that welcomes (rather than simply tolerates) pets. Just because a building is labeled as pet-friendly condo amenities does not guarantee that it is a good place for your dog. Condos that invest in pet-friendly condo amenities are more likely to provide you with a warm and welcoming home over time. Before signing a lease, make sure you know where your pet is allowed and whether the other neighbors are pet-friendly but not only the pet-friendly condo amenities.

Pet-proofing your condominium is essential to ensure both the safety of your pets and the protection of your home. Start by locking any loose wires or small objects that pets could chew on or swallow, as these can pose serious health risks.

Consider using protective covers for furniture and flooring, especially in areas where your pets spend a lot of time. It’s also wise to install safety gates as needed to prevent access to rooms that contain fragile items or potential hazards like cleaning supplies.

Additionally, balcony spaces should be secured with pet-safe netting to prevent falls. For households with cats investing in scratching posts can divert their attention away from destructive furniture. Finally, ensure that all houseplants are non-toxic to animals as pets may be attracted to chew on leaves or flowers. By taking these steps you can create a safer environment that reduces risks and allows your pets to explore their home without triggering damage.

Basic Pet-Friendly Condo with Amenities

  1. To control odors, at least one nearby pet relief place should have a pet waste station and a garbage can that is emptied on a regular basis. If you are not near a public location with them, you will need to install them on your property. Here are some best practices to consider.
  1. Signage directing owners of pets to the relieving area and providing directions for use.
  1. A pet-friendly water fountain with a refillable water bottle option for humans, as well as a ground-based pet water fountain, promote healthy hydration for everyone. If you are unable to install a water fixture, think about placing water bowls in common places that are filled up frequently throughout the day. Use ceramics or aluminum water bowls and make sure they are washed regularly.
  1. Clean-up materials in common areas in case of pet accidents, as well as signage instructing pet parents on how to use the cleaners and what additional procedures, if any, are required, such as notifying your office so that accident areas can be sterilized.
  1. An emergency plan that includes pets in case of evacuation. This handout from our Pets Welcome toolbox assists with planning.

Top-Tier Pet-Friendly Condo with Amenities

Some condo and condo developments are going above and above with pet facilities. This can help to attract pet-friendly tenants. To gain a competitive advantage in condo amenities for families & pet-friendly condo amenities, consider:

  1. A pet exercise area, such as a fenced-in outdoor play yard or a large interior area where pets can safely play. This can help dogs get the off-leash exercise they need to burn off energy and maintain good behavior. It also provides pet parents with a fantastic space to mingle on their property. Here are the best practices for pet parks.
  1. Events for resident pet owners include “yappy hour” cocktail parties in the communal area or dog run.
  1. A pet concierge can set up services like pet sitting and dog walking.
  1. A pet washing station for cleaning up after outside play.

Condo Amenities for Families Along with Pets

  1. On-site grooming services or mobile groomer visits.
  1. Pre-scheduled veterinarian visits for onsite dental care and other exams.
  1. There are complimentary pet treats and water dishes throughout the property.
  1. Welcome presents for new pet tenants. When these integrate the housing community’s logo, they make excellent marketing for future pet-parent tenants.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few suggestions to get you started, but there are unlimited possibilities for making your apartment pet-friendly condo amenities. By including just a few of these pet-friendly condo amenities, you can significantly improve the lives of your residents and their pets. And who knows, maybe you’ll attract some new tenants seeking a pet-friendly multifamily complex who are in search of pet-friendly condo amenities.

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